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Tina says:    

My son has trying to find out what kind of rash this is in the picture above

Nicole says:    

What causes this type of rash

jessica boyd says:    

This is no help if it is not labeled as to what the rash is

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Michael says:

Hey I would like to know what kinda of rash that is in the pic

nita says:

Please advise what type of skin rash is this? My elderly mother has this rash on her upper legs, upper arms, stomach and back

Keith says:

What is this rash above and how would you treat it??

santoya says:

I have wring worm looking rashes all over my body that itch mostly at nite and when am wet or's not fungal infection because the medication didn't work what is it?

Tahlia says:

my little sister has a very similar rash we took her to the hospital yesterday because of it but it has now turned purple and has spread even more. we are taking her to the doctors now. i was just wondering if what she has is contagious.

shelly anlauf says:

How can I post a picture of a rash?

virginia reid says:

#7. Ok so where is the information on At. I can⁹t look up because the only Name is skin rash???? Thanks, I will Be waiting to hearing back from you. Sincerely Virginia

Miel says:

What kind of rash is this? Please put name of this rash to be helpful.

Tina says:

Picture 3

Tina says:

My son has trying to find out what kind of rash this is in the picture above

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